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1. Will Sports Memorabilia work at my event?

Sports memorabilia allows fans to take a piece of their favorite teams home with them and helps connect them to a larger part of their sporting experience. Everyone has a favorite sports team or a favorite player. What better way to tap into those sporting passions than to add sports memorabilia at your event? Consistently, sports memorabilia has proven to be one of the most popular and greatest fundraising elements of auctions all over the United States.

2. What are the potential risks of consigning items?
Consignment is virtually risk free. Items are shipped to you at the expense of Signature Events and any items that don't sell at your event are simply returned at your cost, which is the only "risk" involved! You are not obligated to purchase any unsold item.

3. What if my items don't sell?
We simply ask that you return the items to Signature Events at your cost. As always, Signature Events covers all the costs of shipping the items to you. Most clients use UPS, Fed Ex, or the Postal Service as affordable return shipping options.

4. What is the difference between Signature Events and other sports fundraising companies?
Signature Events realizes that several companies offer a similar service and our ultimate concern is that your organization is able to generate monies at your event. Signature Events avoids third party authentication and 'mom and pop' autograph distributors. You may have had experience with other companies that offer the 'same' item at a much lower price than we could quote. Are you really getting the 'same' item? Saving money on a questionable item is really no savings at all. Patrons of your events can go home knowing their items(s) will hold true value over time as they have been aquired from companies recognized as the best in the memorabilia industry and enhanced by our deluxe acrylic display cases and triple matted custom framing.

5. How do I know items I receive are real?
Signature Events understands the need for absolute assurance of authenticity with regard to the items we consign. Our reputation hinges upon our ability to provide this guarantee to you. In accomplishing this, we take great pride in working exclusively with established companies in the memorabilia field. These reputable companies use a variety of authentication techniques including triple certificates of authenticity, authorized witnesses at signings, applying holograms to signed pieces, online databases registering memorabilia, photos of athletes signing the items, and pen cams (actual video of the athlete signing). We carefully screen and select the companies we work with, choosing only the most reputable with track records that are free of controversy and fraud. We pledge to our clients that every step has been taken to guarantee the authenticity of the items we consign to you. Clients can rest assured that every step is being taken by Signature Events to guarantee that these safeguards are in place for the items that will be displayed at their events.

6. Where do the memorabilia items come from?
Signature Events works exclusively with the top memorabilia companies in the country. These companies provide the highest quality and reputation within the memorabilia community and are trusted by such names as American Express and Major League Baseball and have established direct relationships with the athletes and entertainers. A few of the outstanding companies Signature Events works with include Steiner Sports, WG Authentic ( A Wayne Gretzky Company ), Sports Images, and Upper Deck Authenticated. In working with these companies, Signature Events can guarantee that the items your organization are receiving, and later selling, are 100% authentic.


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